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Dear Mr. Bonanno, 

As Nicholas' mother, I wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are doing to help Nick at this very trying time in his (and our) life.

I haven't had a chance to speak with you personally yet, as Nick's father has been handling most of the legal matters with regard to this situation while I am working with Nick from a mental stand point, this has been completely devastating to him and rightfully so.

As I am sure he has relayed to you, Nick is very aware of the huge mistake that he has made, one that is very out of character for him, one that he is extremely regretful for, and one that he will never make again. It was a very foolish judgment call on his behalf.

As a parent, this has been nothing short of a nightmare - concerned about our son's frame of mind, future at school with his scholarships, and future after school and what type of impact this will have on the rest of his life.   

While it was very difficult for me to send him back to school yesterday knowing that I wouldn't be able to see him daily and be there for him in person, it is very reassuring to me (and Nick's father) that we were so fortunate to be able to retain your legal expertise to help our son. With so much to lose from this unfortunate situation it is very comforting as a parent to know that you are looking out for him.  

Thank you so much for being able to realize that everyone makes mistakes in their life and that Nick truly is a great kid. Nick is a very bright young man with a very promising future. I can only hope and pray that this experience will be a long lasting contributing factor that will assist him in always making the right decisions in the future.

I look very forward to meeting you in May so that I can thank you in person for your knowledge and support.

Sincerely, Paula

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